Author: Enefaa

Nigerian Cuisine for Dummies

I’m not someone who’s very picky about what I eat. I can go days eating just bread with water before going to bed at night. An aunt used to say my wife would be lucky because she would not have to worry about preparing something for me to eat every night. I counter with “a bachelor is different from a married man, expectations are different.” I know people who can’t survive a week without eating garri while I can go a year without it and not even miss it. Sad I know. On my first week away from Nigeria,...

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Nothing Hill

Known as Europe’s biggest street party, Nothing Hill Carnival turned 49 this year. Every year, hundreds of thousands from within the UK and abroad make the trip to the streets of West London for two days of dancing, partying and immersing themselves in the carnival spirit. Probably the closest thing you will get to a Caribbean carnival outside the Caribbean. I was at the barbershop, the so called black man’s country club, on Thursday last week and the carnival was the only thing everyone seemed to want to talk about. Unfortunately I wasn’t there for the main event on Monday. I...

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Artsy Moments

I’ve been waiting for this day for a while now. I’m not even sure where to start. I’ve been privileged to visit websites with quality content that I always leave feeling like I just learnt something new. A lot like the kind of feeling you get when you meet someone important and they live up to the hype and expectations you had for them. This feeling is what I want to bring into the lives of people I envision visiting Artsy Moments and becoming a part of the community. Bringing together quality content from different genres of the creative...

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