Author: Lilian Izuorah

We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo

“We are on our way to Budapest: Bastard and Chipo and Godknows and Sbho and Stina and me. We are going even though we are not allowed to cross Mzilikazi Road; even though Bastard is supposed to be watching his little sister Fraction, even though Mother would kill me dead if she found out; we are just going. There are guavas to steal in Budapest, and right now I’d rather die for guavas. We didn’t eat this morning and my stomach feels like somebody just took a shovel and dug everything out.” Set in a shanty called Paradise, the...

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Happiness, Like Water by Chinelo Okparanta

Okparanta tackles a series of issues from the seemingly mundane to something as sizzling as homosexuality using beautiful prose and evocative words.  Her narrators tell their stories with such strength that the reader is compelled to see the truth of their lives. These stories take you by surprise and remind you of how the portrait of a people and a place can be distilled through a story; how a story can transport you to times long forgotten and if you grew up as a child in West Africa, you may find yourself in one of them. I’d sit on...

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