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Artist in Focus: Michael Kpodoh

When this blog was created there was this vision to have interviews and profiles of various artists in Nigeria and Africa. Well vision is one thing, actually pulling it off is another. We did have the interview with Segun Aiyesan but sadly that was just it for years. This year is going to be...

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Nike Art Gallery

This place should be the Mecca of every art enthusiast in Nigeria. I could have spent the whole day here. Just floor after floor of amazing art. If there’s any other place like this in Nigeria, I would love to know. Hit me up with the info please, and thank you in advance. As with La Campagne...

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Artsy City: Benin

This trip was way too short to do this city justice. There’s just art almost everywhere you look. If you can’t see it then you’re obviously not looking right. I chose the places that I could use my camera over places that do not allow the use of cameras. This meant that the...

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Interview with Segun Aiyesan

Passion! Hardwork! Endurance! These are words that can summarise the interesting tale about the life of the prolific Portharcourt based painter, SEGUN AIYESAN. Wrap yourself in this delightful adventure where an unusual mixture of the sciences and the arts produces creativity like never before! Artsy Moment’s Grace Ukot gets up close and personal with Segun as he shares with us about the power of his passion.

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Artsy Moments

I’ve been waiting for this day for a while now. I’m not even sure where to start. I’ve been privileged to visit websites with quality content that I always leave feeling like I just learnt something new. A lot like the kind of feeling you get when you meet someone important and...

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