Category: Culture

Calabar Carnival 2017

So I made it to Calabar for the third time for the end of the year Christmas carnival. I was hoping to get a road trip vibe going and also be more mobile during my time there, so we drove down. The lingering petrol scarcity was at the back of my mind though. Most things in Nigeria aren’t...

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Nanna Living History Museum, Koko

Visiting Opobo and seeing the statue and palace of Jaja made me want to see Nana’s equivalent. Besides having similar sounding names and having town’s synonymous with them, they were both sent into exile by the British. Nana was the only one of many sent into exile by the British to come back home...

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Boat Regatta, Opobo

One of my new year’s resolution is new places, new sights, new sounds. So hopefully this will be the last post showing somewhere I’ve already visited. This was my second trip to Opobo. My previous visit was also to watch the boat regatta held on the 31st of December. Both times...

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Rumuola: Egelege

Wrestling festivities in Port Harcourt and its environs for this year are almost coming to an end. Sadly, I was only able to attend two events despite wanting to visit several more this year. The both events involved the Rumuola community. The first one was in Rumuola and the other when...

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