Category: Photography

Calabar Carnival 2017

So I made it to Calabar for the third time for the end of the year Christmas carnival. I was hoping to get a road trip vibe going and also be more mobile during my time there, so we drove down. The lingering petrol scarcity was at the back of my mind though. Most things in Nigeria aren’t...

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Travel Destination: Folu

So let’s say you are a photographer who doesn’t have N50,000 to take your DSLR into La Campagne; doesn’t have the N5,000 entrance fee and won’t mind a little ‘sme sme’ at the beach, but you want the same shoreline as the La Campagne Resort, well, you have come...

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Obscure Spots: 1925 Building

Known as the 1925 Building, you probably won’t get any prize for guessing when it was completed seeing as it also has 1925 written in concrete at the top of the building. Said to be the first building built in the area that’s is now called the Rivers State Secretariat complex, it used...

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Travel Destination: Sapele

“Mr Salami is a farmer, he lives in Sapele.” The sentence above from the primary school “reader” by Macmillan (I think) is probably how many Nigerians my age first heard about Sapele. For me growing up, it was where grandpa and grandma lived. Situated in Delta State, Sapele...

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