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Travel Destination: Sapele

“Mr Salami is a farmer, he lives in Sapele.” The sentence above from the primary school “reader” by Macmillan (I think) is probably how many Nigerians my age first heard about Sapele. For me growing up, it was where grandpa and grandma lived. Situated in Delta State, Sapele...

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Travel Destination: Kwa Falls

Kwa waterfall is in Akampka. The problem with the previous statement is that the Akampka most people know is on the Calabar – Ikom Road. You can’t get to the fall using that road – very annoying if you’ve been trying to find this place for months like me. It’s like...

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Nanna Living History Museum, Koko

Visiting Opobo and seeing the statue and palace of Jaja made me want to see Nana’s equivalent. Besides having similar sounding names and having town’s synonymous with them, they were both sent into exile by the British. Nana was the only one of many sent into exile by the British to come back home...

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