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Travel Destination: Folu

So let’s say you are a photographer who doesn’t have N50,000 to take your DSLR into La Campagne; doesn’t have the N5,000 entrance fee and won’t mind a little ‘sme sme’ at the beach, but you want the same shoreline as the La Campagne Resort, well, you have come...

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Nike Art Gallery

This place should be the Mecca of every art enthusiast in Nigeria. I could have spent the whole day here. Just floor after floor of amazing art. If there’s any other place like this in Nigeria, I would love to know. Hit me up with the info please, and thank you in advance. As with La Campagne...

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Travel Destination: La Campagne Tropicana Resort

I had heard great and some not so great things about this place before visiting, but I somehow chose to forget the not so great things; and yea, forgetting came back to bite me. Amarachi (of Travel with a Pen) had told me in the past that DSLR “professional” cameras were not allowed. After making...

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Travel Destination: Limbe

You know that thing when Nigerian artisans tell you “yes I can do it” to any question you ask them? Me: can you make this my Datsun look and drive like a Porsche? Nigerian artisan: of course na, na small thing; just pay first. I was in Douala and decided to go back to Limbe and get a closer look...

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Travel Destination: Sapele

“Mr Salami is a farmer, he lives in Sapele.” The sentence above from the primary school “reader” by Macmillan (I think) is probably how many Nigerians my age first heard about Sapele. For me growing up, it was where grandpa and grandma lived. Situated in Delta State, Sapele...

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