First of, the state museum is better. Not that it takes a lot for it to be better. Now wait, wait, wait. This doesn’t exactly mean there’s no reason to visit. The curators try. They sound like they love their job. There isn’t much to see though, despite their best efforts. Okay, enough with the negatives.

The building is old and from Port Harcourt’s colonial past. It has had some terrible modifications though, so it has lost its original form.

If you’re new to Port Harcourt and looking for where to kill time, this place is ideal. It’s in Old GRA, so it is safe and just a few metres from the PH Mall. There’s a “restaurant” on the premises and a bolé spot, so you can also have a taste of PH’s famed bolé.

While photos are not allowed within the museum, you can take pictures outside. I’ve found photographing most colonial structures in PH boring without a subject thrown into the frame, and was lucky to have two instead of one when I took photos of this building. Hope you like the photos.

Address: 2 Harley Street, Old GRA, Port Harcourt.

Models:  @chinny and @i_amkemi
Agency: @irismodels
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